Our Mission

As parents and change makers we have come together to rethink how we perceive education for our children.

We aim to offer them a space that will allow them to be their own person, follow their interests in a fun, nurturing and loving environment at their own pace and where staff members of our school will facilitate and support them without any judgement.

Offering them an opportunity to understand what it means to be part of a democratic culture and see how challenges can be resolved using restorative practice and tools of compassionate communication.

Allowing our children, the gift of taking responsibility of their own learning and trusting that they can do this without coercion.

Importantly offering this to the whole community of North Dublin and figuring out how our school can be both culturally and financially accessible for every child.

Our First Democratic Education Conference

Vanessa, Rok and I set off for their first Democratic Education Conference recently, it was an opportunity to meet the 7 other Democratic Schools across Ireland. The two-day conference was jam packed and it was a great opportunity for everyone to ask questions about setting up a Democratic school; things to consider such as: location,…

Our First Public Meeting

Vanessa, Rok and I sat around the table and ran through our presentation, our first public meeting was coming up in 5 days and we were slightly nervous, especially me! After we finished our presentation dry run, we reviewed our FAQs and we discussed some of the answers which we had also incorporated from listening…

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